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Warframe: Is it Worth Playing in 2021?

Warframe, a game known to most gaming enthusiasts across the globe. It is by far the craziest and possibly the best free-to-play game on Steam and the overall gaming industry. The game competes with the Destiny franchise, sometimes performing even better. And with almost seven years to its release, the game has certainly improved quite a bit. So, are you confused about getting into this looter-shooter RPG? Well, rest assured, this article will certainly help you make the decision.

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Customize Your Warframe

To start off, the average Warframe is no different from weaponized armor, accessible only to the Tenno people. Equipping these futuristic armors, warriors are capable of avoiding death, directing void energy, and fend off large waves of enemies.

The suit also provides the player with unparalleled agility, with the option to unlock more skills in five distinct skill trees. The experience system for Warframe is called Affinity which can be obtained through completing quests, skill use, defeating enemies, and reviving allies. The EXP further allows the player to upgrade the BIO-skeleton by equipping shields, more health, armor, skills, and of course, mobility. Needless to say, each Warframe comes with a certain set of merits and demerits, allowing each to excel in different situations.

Play with your Friends

Play with your Friends

Although you can solo the maps and explore the entire collection of locations the game offers, playing with friends certainly makes the experience more memorable. Team up with your allies and explore, fly, and fight through enemies together. Currently, the game provides 18 different planets, underground warrens, and spaceships.

Similar to your futuristic aesthetic, the enemies will also have techno-esque appearance, spreading chaos and corruption in their respective worlds. Additionally, exploring Deimos is quite enjoyable, especially with a team of friends. It also helps negate the lack of meaningful features, all while encouraging the game’s agile playstyle.

Engaging Plot

On release, Warframe suffered from one grueling flaw — the lack of an engaging storyline. However, with the progression of time, Digital Extremes gradually added a proper narrative to the game, having players experience the interstellar war in a more enticing manner.

Warframe’s plot is primarily focused on the Tenno warriors aiming to save their people during a certain perpetual war. These warriors dive into several missions, defeating various enemy factions. However, at the end of the day, the game is about cyborg space-ninjas maneuvering through maps, slashing and shooting through enemies. So, the plot, while it exists, is definitely not the focal point of the game.

Style up your Frame

Style up your Frame

The world of Warframe is quite vast. It comes with several open-world maps and mechanics to explore and learn. The game requires players to invest a certain amount of hours before fully grasping Warframe’s beginning.

Since the game’s concept is rather simple and straightforward — grind EXP and loot items, Digital Extremes has included a handful of features to keep the player base occupied without getting tired of the gameplay loop. One such activity includes the stylizing of your Frame.

With over six years of content, the game offers quite a lot of content to keep the player occupied, especially in terms of acquiring different gears and weaponry. The experience is truly unparalleled when it comes to Warframe and its simple yet addictive gameplay.

Side Activities

Warframe has various side activities in store for players who may want to take a break from the base gameplay loop. Although the starting sequence provides an excellent explanation of Warframe’s mechanics, the more profound systems will require you to explore on your own.

For instance, a number of missions mix up former questlines with the inclusion of various enemy factions. Not only does this diversify the maps, but it also delivers a fast-paced action/shooting experience. Warframe also has multiple sequences where the player is required to drop into spaceship, or starship, to dive into numerous battles and space expeditions.

The PvP modes, although fun, simply cannot compare to the amount of entertainment offered by the PvE gameplay.

Despite having a runtime of six years, Digital Extremes continues to add more gameplay mechanics, maps, and fashion options. With an unending stream of content, Warframe’s free-to-play aspect makes it easily one of the best games in the market. It is repetitive, but fun and addicting.

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