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What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse? Full Guide!

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse? Full Guide!

Buying a Gaming Mouse is not an easy task. You have to take care of so many things but in this guide, we will clear all things up for you so you can get the answer to the question – What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse?

Gaming is an amazing pastime and a passion for most of us. It helps you feel good, relieves stress, and improves your reflexes. All these things are really needed in our day to day life and this is why it is very important to pick the right components, and in this case, the right gaming mouse.

Let’s get started with the only guide you will need to understand what are all the factors that professionals look at before choosing a mouse for themselves and how you can choose a professional gaming mouse by yourself without breaking your bank and finding the gems that don’t cost too much money!

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse?

There are several factors to look for and we have explained all of them one by one below!

Wired or Wireless?

Wired Gaming Mouse or Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Wireless mice in the past were very slow and unresponsive but with the evolution of technology, wireless mice became just as efficient as wired ones if not more. Honestly speaking, the choice of the mouse is subjective. It is all about personal preference whether you want a mouse with wire or a mouse without any obstruction due to a wire.

A wireless mouse will allow you to move it around more freely as there is no chance of any wires getting tangled. Another good thing is that wireless mice rarely undergo connectivity problems as there is no direct physical connection between the computer and the mouse itself.

Wired mice are powered by a port from the computer. Be sure to choose a mouse with a USB connection as the ones with the PS/2 connectors are slowly being replaced by them. On the other hand, you are required to periodically replace the batteries of a wireless mouse for it to work. Some wireless mouse comes with a charging dock thereby allowing you to charge it whenever you run out of battery.

If you are looking for the best mouse for playing FPP games like apex legends, we recommend you to go with a wireless one as they provide you with more flexibility. The wireless mice come with receivers that plug into the USB port of the computer. While some receivers are pretty low profile, there are also some that are bulky. If you are willing to spend more money, you can also choose a mouse with a nano receiver which is best if you are a frequent traveler.

When it comes to gaming, a wireless mouse is a choice that most gamers go with as it prevents any obstruction during intense gameplay. Also, they provide a greater range than most wired mice. A wired mouse with good responsiveness will serve to be the best mouse for winning in Fortnite and other battle royale games.

There are a few gamers out there who prefer a physical tethering between their mouse and computer. If you are one of them then go for a wired one.

Optical or Laser Sensor

One of the most important things that you expect from a good gaming mouse is how precise and accurate the sensor is. Although a laser mouse can offer you a greater sensitivity range, a gaming mouse with an optical sensor is considered to be much more precise and responsive than a laser mouse by most gamers. Most gamers also prefer optical mice as they offer a better gaming experience.

Mice with an optical sensor also provide a lag-free experience. Don’t let the higher dpi numbers fool you. If you plan to play games like Call of Duty and Counterstrike then an optical mouse can serve as the top fps mouse for gaming.

Design and Ease of Use

Design and Ease of Use - What to Look for when Buying a Gaming Mouse!

No one wants to play games with a tired hand, therefore it is crucial that you choose a mouse that is comfortable to use and does not put a strain on your hands. A gaming mouse with good ergonomics will make sure that you do not tire out you hand by minimizing any injury or stress-related problems.

A mouse with a good fit in your hand will also enable you to play high-intensity games with more ease. A comfortable mouse will give you great gameplay in rainbow six siege and other tactical shooting games. The downside is that you cannot fully understand whether a mouse will be comfortable without using it for an extended period of time. But we advise that you still try to look at the reviews of the people for a mouse that you choose to buy.

If you are more of a casual gamer, then it will be better to go for a mouse with great aesthetics rather than a one that offers you comfort. The weight of the mouse also matters. Surely you do not want the lightest gaming mouse if you want control over your gameplay. A mouse with a slight heaviness will offer you more control and thereby provide you with overall better gaming experience.

Programmable Buttons

Every mouse comes with the left and right buttons and the scrolling wheel but what differentiates a gaming mouse from a traditional mouse are the additional programmable mouse buttons on the former one.

Programmable buttons on a gaming mouse offer you the ability to program for carrying out specific functions with just the click of a single button during gameplay. Each button can be assigned a different function with the help of the software that comes bundled with it.

The additional buttons are really handy if you are an intense gamer. We recommend that you chose a mouse with at least eight programmable buttons if you are looking for a mouse for CS: GO and other first-person shooter titles.

DPI and Sensitivity

Other than the type of sensor, the sensitivity of the sensor also matters if you are a fast-paced gamer. The sensitivity of a mouse sensor is usually expressed in DPI or Dots per inch. The higher the DPI count, the more sensitive is the mouse.

A mid-range gaming mouse can have a DPI sensitivity ranging from 100 DPI up to 5000 DPI and beyond. If you are looking for a mouse for playing overwatch and other FPS games, we suggest looking for a sensitive mouse with a great DPI range

For normal users, a mouse with a 100 to 2000 DPI range is enough but if you are a gamer we suggest going with a mouse with a controlled range of about 800 DPI to 1500 DPI as it will allow you to have more control over your gaming character and help you with precision while shooting.

Make sure you have a mouse equipped with a DPI button that enables you to change the sensitivity of the mouse sensor with just a single click.

Customizable Features and LED

Customizable Features and LED
Image Credits – MODAO W39 on Gearbest

Most gamers look for an eye-catching setup and a mouse with an appealing look will help you achieve just that. Most gaming mice come with LED lighting which is customizable. These mice come bundled with software that lets you change the color of the LEDs and also make a few tweaks and adjustments. The software also lets you assign different functions to the programmable buttons.

The LED lightings add flair to your mouse and also gives you feedback during the gameplay.


Different types of games require different grip styles. There are mainly three types of grips that gamers use during gameplay.

  • Palm Grip
  • Claw rip
  • Fingertip Grip

The type of grip that you use is also a personal choice. If you prefer fingertip grip, then look for a mouse with a small and low-profile design so that you can easily grab and guide the cursor during gameplay. A mouse with a compact design would be best for small hands.

People with larger hands tend to use palm grip more than others. A mouse that has a larger design allows you to spread out your palm on the top and use it with comfort while maintaining a palm grip and they serve to be the top mouse to consider if you have big hands. Mice that require a palm grip tend to be the best for arena-style video games like League of Legends.

Most gamers use a claw grip and a gaming mouse with a narrower design will allow you to place your palm at the back and do just that.

Summing Up

Once you put together an amazing system with a super-fapst CPU accompanied by a great display monitor, the last thing you need is a device to use it. This is where the mouse comes in. The mouse may not be one of the most integral parts of a system for it to work but is definitely a necessary accessory that you require in order to get any work done. There are many factors that determine whether a mouse is good for your use or not. There are tons of different mice out there, for normal office use and also for gamers. In the above article, we have discussed all the factors to look for when buying a gaming mouse for your computer.

A good gaming mouse is a bit pricey and they tend to work for years, therefore, it is very important that you choose a good mouse. If you are a little low on budget, go check out the best gaming mouse under $50!

In this article, we have covered all the things to know before getting a gaming mouse. Each and every aspect is crucial before you decide to buy a mouse that will suit your needs.

Be sure to look at the reviews and the specification of the mice before you get it. Make sure you go with your gut if you plan to purchase the mouse online. It is even better if you can try out the mouse before you actually buy it. We advise you to invest in a good mouse rather than settling for an inexpensive one. A mouse with a bit high price and a good build is much better than a flimsy and cheap one in the long run as the former one tends to be more durable.


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