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Video Calling finally arrived on Whatsapp!

Whatsapp Video Calling is here!

Whatsapp being the most used end-to-end encrypted chat messenger has now finally launched the much-awaited Video Calling feature! You heard it right. Whatsapp Video Calling is real!

We all know that Whatsapp is the most popular android app to chat with Friends, send Images, Audio, Videos, Contacts, Documents and what not. It also has the option to make audio calls for Free but now comes the Game changer: The Video Calling Feature!

This new Whatsapp feature is gonna beat recently launched Duo by Google which is an app made just for Video calling. Video calling in Whatsapp doesn’t require any update if you have the latest beta version installed but here’s a twist. It randomly pops out. Some people are able to use the feature, others not.

This feature was first spotted by AndroidPolice.

How to get Whatsapp Video Calling?

Whatsapp Video Calling

If you have the itch to get your hands on the latest feature of Whatsapp, you can follow the below mentioned steps and hope to get it 😉

Method 1

Register for Whatsapp Beta Testing from here and update the App from the Play Store directly. This is the Official method to get Whatsapp Video Calling.

Method 2

This method is a bit risky because in this method you will have to backup all the data you have on Whatsapp, Wipe the data from App Manager on your phone and then Login again to the App. Now, you see there’s still no guarantee that you will get the desired feature this is why it is a bit risky but if you really have the itch, it’s worth trying!

Method 3

This method is quite straight forward. You follow the link ahead and Download the latest version directly from APKMirror by Clicking the big ass Green Download button and install it on your Phone and Login to your account. Download Whatsapp from APKMirror

Update: This Video Calling feature has been caught on iOS too! Turns out Mark has things planned for Whatsapp’s new feature and it’s gonna arrive on Android as well as iOS soon!

No matter what happens, Whatsapp will always be the king of instant messaging on Android and iOS. Drop your comments below and let us know what do you think of this new Update and Update us if you get any success using the Methods above.

Good Day!


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