Yepo 737S Review

Yepo 737S Review

A Chinese Brand named Yepo has stepped into the Market and has launched a new Notebook Laptop called the 737S. We are going to give a Hands-on Review of the same! If you plan to buy this Notebook, you sure as hell should read the Yepo 737S Review!

When we had the notebook in the hand, it felt like we were holding the MacBook Air. The 737S is a good copy of the MacBook and it is quite light-weight, thin, sleek. Design-wise, it looks great but the build quality is not the best.

Let’s get into the specs and then we will talk about the Performance of Yepo 737S in this Review.

Yepo 737S Specs

We all want some good specifications when it comes to buying a Laptop and the 737S has a lot to offer. Yepo 737S comes with the following specifications.

  • Processor – Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 Quad-Core 1.44GHz, goes up to 1.92GHz
  • Graphics Chipset – Intel HD Graphics
  • RAM – 4GB DDR3L
  • Storage – 64GB/128GB eMMC Storage
  • Screen – 13.3-inch Full HD IPS Screen
  • Resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • OS – Comes with Windows 10
  • Camera – 0.3 MegaPixel Front Camera for Video Chats
  • Wi-Fi – Yes, 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth – 4.0
  • USB 2.0 – 2 Ports
  • SD Card Slot – Yes
  • Mini HDMI Slot – Yes
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack – Yes
  • Battery – 3.7 V, 8000 mAh Battery

As you can see, it has pretty much all the features that you may need. It is a pretty good deal! In the coming part of this Review of Yepo 737S, we will talk about its Design, Performance, Price, and whatnot. So, let’s dive in!

Yepo 737S – First Look


Yepo 737S Review

As we said above, when we had 737S in our hands, it felt like MacBook Air. It is light-weight, slim, sleek and is a good copy of MacBook Air. The only thing that we didn’t like was the Plastic body.

It has the premium look but the plastic body is not the best thing that we would like. Aside from that, the notebook overall looks pretty good.

It has Brushed Aluminium finish, a big touchpad, a full-size keyboard, and Round corners to make it look premium and typing is also pretty easy. Goes Smooth because of the full-size keyboard.

Along with the Looks, this laptop has more to offer. Let’s move on to Performance now.

Performance – Yepo 737S Review


Yepo 737S Review

Yepo 737S comes with an Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 1.44GHz Quad-Core Processor. A 4GB RAM complements the processor and increases the speed as well as makes the space for running multiple apps for multitasking.

It also has 64GB/128GB of eMMC storage. We know that it is not a lot, but for this price range ($159.99 for 64GB and $193.99 for 128GB at GearBest), you cannot really expect much.

When we started using the notebook laptop, it worked fine. The startup was fast. Took only, like, 10 seconds to completely boot which is pretty fast. We were able to open some basic applications (Windows Photo Viewer, Music Player, a Browser, etc) simultaneously and switch between them without much problem.

The 4GB RAM made the multitasking easy! Along with the RAM, the processor is fine too. No significant lag was there and it was able to run small games like Total Overdose, GTA Vice City, etc.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, this is not for you! But, if you are looking for a budget laptop that can be used for normal use, Yepo 737S is a good option!

Screen and Display – Yepo 737S

Yepo 737S Review

Yepo 737S has a 13.3-inch IPS Screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which makes it Full HD! It offers 4K picture quality and the picture looks perfect at different viewing angles too.

We watched some videos, some movies, and it was a good experience. The laptop was able to run the videos in HD. It was a bit laggy in the beginning but went just fine after a few seconds.

Battery – Yepo 737S

Yepo 737S Review

Yepo 737S comes with 8000mAh Battery which gives a backup of about 8 hours! We charged it completely and then used it continuously. We watched movies, videos, played some games, surfed the Internet, etc and it worked for 7-8 hours.

We think that the backup is average. Most of the Laptops out there have a similar backup and for this price range, Yepo 737S performs better.

Be it surfing, or watching movies, the 737S can provide you the backup to complete your tasks!

Camera – Yepo 737S Review

Yepo 737S Review

It comes with a 0.3 MegaPixel front camera which is not the best but something is better than nothing! The camera can be used for Video Calling and capture pictures.

The picture is quality is below average for the camera. But then again, for this price range, what can we expect, right? For us, the camera is just fine. We do not think of it as a major component that we check before buying.

It’s the era of mobile phones and everyone does the video calling on their mobiles where the camera quality is good. Most of the budget laptops in the market have low-quality front cameras and Yepo 737S falls in the same category.

Extras – Yepo 737S Review

Yepo 737S Review

It has a LED Backlight Logo which lights up while the laptop is ON. It gives the laptop a classy look. Along with the backlight logo, the bottom sides are coated with Aluminium-alloy and makes the build a bit stronger.


Yepo 737S Review

The dimensions of the laptop can be seen in the Image above. It has 2 USB 2.0 Ports, one mini HDMI Port, a DC Jack, a 3mm Earphone Jack, and a TF Card Slot.

It also supports all the Languages that are loaded into the OS. If you don’t find your language, just download it over Wi-Fi!


If you plan to buy a laptop soon and are on a budget, you can think of the 737S as an option. Performance wise, it’s a good laptop but the body is of plastic mostly and the heat dissipation is not very good, so if you have basic use or want to get one for normal Internet surfing and watching movies and all, it’s a good laptop to buy.

You can get the 737S at discount! $159.99 for 64GB and $193.99 for 128GB at GearBest if you buy today! Click the button below to get your hands on this great budget laptop!

Yepo 737S Review - Amazing Laptop with Mac Book Style!


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